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Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Accredited by National Board of Accreditation)

Develop Electrical Engineers who have the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of human kind.



The mission of the Department is to

  • Impart technical knowledge, practical skills, leadership qualities, team spirit and ethical values.
  • Motivate to combine the rigor of science, the power of engineering and thrill of learning.
  • Inspire students to be the knowledge seekers and novel solution providers to challenges.

Programs Offered

  • Undergraduate Course (Autonomous): B E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Post graduate Course: MTech in Power Electronics (VTU), M.Sc Engineering (VTU)
  • PhD in diversified areas like Power Systems, High Voltage and Insulation Engineering, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy etc.
Head of Department

Develop Electrical Engineers who have the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of human kind.

Dr. Jyothi Koujalagi, PhD.
Professor & Head,
Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: Utilize the knowledge of Science and Engineering for problem identification, formulation and solution.

PEO 2: Communicate effectively with all.

PEO 3: Exhibit professionalism by displaying competence & leadership with commitment.

PEO 4: Keep in pace with Engineering developments.

Programme Outcomes

  1. Ability to apply the knowledge of science and engineering to the solutions of electrical and electronics engineering problems.
  2. Identify and analyze engineering problems by utilising the knowledge of basic sciences and engineering sciences.
  3. Offer solutions to complex engineering problems that has compliance to public health and safety, and the cultural, societal and environmental issues.
  4. d : Utilise advanced knowledge to provide solutions.
  5. Develop and implement software tools to engineering activities with a knowledge of their limitation.
  6. Accommodate the issues related to society, health, safety, culture and legal to engineering practices.
  7. Develop sustainable engineering solutions keeping in view the impact on societal and environmental context.
  8. Practice ethical responsibilities
  9. Perform effectively as an individual and as a member/leader in diverse teams and/or multidisciplinary environment.
  10. Ability to communicate and document effectively.
  11. Application of Engineering and Management principles in multidisciplinary environments.
  12. Adaptation to technological change through lifelong learning.

Long Term Goals

  • Student’s involvement in projects of Innovative nature.
  • Skill enhancement for 100% placement and enhance Entrepreneurship.
  • Inculcate ethical values in students to serve the society.
  • Imbibe Knowledge and desire to pursue higher studies.
  • Involve faculty and students in funded projects, publications, patents and interaction with the Industry.
  • Explore new Innovative ideas through Projects and Research from Faculty and Students.
  • Recognition of the department as a QIP centre.
  • Institution of Additional programs (PG and PG Diploma).
  • Creation of ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the area of Electrical Engineering.

Short Term Goals

  • Strive to grow both horizontally and vertically in the Academic field.
  • Modernize Existing laboratories.
  • Design various add-on courses.
  • Involve students to participate in Community Development Programs.
  • Encourage Faculty to participate in Research activities, publications and consultancy activities.
  • Encourage faculty to be the knowledge seekers to discharge lectures in an effective manner.

Board of Studies

Sl No. CATEGORY Nomination of the Committee Name of the Persons
1 Head of the Department Chairperson Dr. Jyoti P Koujalagi
2 Subject External Experts from outside the College Nominated by Academic Council Members 1 Dr. Suryanarayana doolla, IIT Mumbai
2 Dr. Satish IISc, Bengaluru
3 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dixit,

MSRIT, Bengaluru

4 Dr. Saikumar-NIE, Mysuru
3 Expert from outside College, Nominated by Vice-Chancellor

(VTU Nominee)

Member 1 Dr. Ravishankar Dixit, BMSCE, Bengaluru
4 Representative from Industry/Corporate Sector/Allied area related to Placement Nominated by Academic council Members 1 Dr. Balaram, PRDC, Bengaluru
2 Mr. Chetan Rajdev, Deputy GM,

Bosch Rexorth, Bengaluru

3 Mr. Srikanth Kashyap, Director,

JVS Electronics, Bengaluru

5 Post Graduate Meritorious alumnus nominated by Principal Member 1 Mr. Srinivas BT, Software Engineer,

IBM India Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru



Faculty Members at Different Levels Bearing Different Specializations Members



1 Dr. B.V. Sumangala, Professor
2 Dr. Shankarlingappa.C.B Professor
3 Mr. Eranna, Asso. Prof.
4 Mr. Dayananda T.B, Asso. Prof.
5 Mr. Govindaraju H.V, Asso. Prof.
6 Mr. Vasudevamurthy S, Asso. Prof.
7 Ms. Nalini S, Asso. Prof.
8 Ms. Arpitha Raju
8 Co-opted Members 1 Mr. Keshava Murthy, Visiting Professor
2 Mr. MukundaSwamy, Asst. Prof.
3 Mrs. Harini Vaikund, Asst. Prof.
4 Mrs. Dhanyavathi., Asst. Prof.
5 Mrs. Soumya S, Asst. Prof.
6 Mrs. Deepti S.S, Asst. Prof.


Department Facility for R & D and Consultancy

  1. TEQIP: Establishment of Insulation and High Voltage Lab facility for Transformer Oil Testing and Partial Discharge: – 85 Lakhs (2008-2010)
    Faculty involved: Dr. B V Sumangala, Prof. Eranna and Prof. S  Vasudevamurthy,  under Technical Advisor – Dr. G R Nagabhushana, Former Chairman, HVE, IISc, Bengaluru.
    Title: Investigations on Surge phenomena in Power Transformers(10Lakh), 2008-2015,
    Principle Investigator: Dr. B V Sumangala, Co-PI-Prof. Eranna
  3. VTU Research Project
    Title:Investigations in natural vegetable seed oils as Liquid dielectric (19.34 Lakhs)
    Principle Investigator: Dr. B V Sumangala, Co-PI-Prof. S  Vasudevamurthy
  4. DST/VGST:
    Title : establishment of   Power Electronics & Drives laboratory for PG & Research purpose, 2010-2013, Rs 20.00 lakhs, funded by DST-VGST, GOK., Coordinator: Prof. H V Govindaraju.
  5. KSCST: “Mini Tesla Coil”, Jyoti P Koujalagi, Avinash G, B E project sanctioned under 39th series of student Project Programme, 201-2016, KSCST, IISc campus, Bengaluru
  6. Solar Mobile Charger – Funded by VGST, DST, GOK, Students’ Innovative Project guided by Dr B.V.Sumangala and Prof.V.Keshava Murthy
  7. Electric (Hybrid) Bicycle – Funded by Dr AIT, Students’ Innovative Project guided by Dr Jyothi Koujalagi
  8. Smart Power Switching System – Funded by Dr AIT, Students’ Innovative Project guided by Prof.T.B.Dayanand
  9. Solar Tracking System for Maximum Power – Funded by Texas Instruments, guided by Prof.H.V.Govindaraju
  10. Magnet Assisted Gravity Power Generator – Funded by Texas Instruments, guided by Dr B.V.Sumangala and Prof V.Keshava Murthy
Sl.No Name of the Project Funding Agency Project Investigators Duration Amount Sanctioned    Status


Investigations on Surge Phenomena in Power Transformers  



Dr.BV Sumangala,

Co-Principal Investigator: Prof. Eranna.


2 years Rs10 lakhs Completed
2 Investigations on natural vegetable seed oil as the liquid dielectric  


Dr. B V Sumangala,

Co-Principal Investigator: Prof. S Vasudevamurthy

3years Rs19.34 lakhs  

In progress

3 Establishment of Power Electronics & Drives Laboratory for PG and Research VGST Prof. H V Govindaraju  


Rs20 lakhs  



External Funded Students Research Projects:




Title of the Project


Funding Agency


Project Investigator



Amount Sanctioned  


1 “Intelligent Sun Tracking Solar Panel with Maximum Power Point Tracking System”  


Texas Instruments



Prof.H V Govindaraju



04 months


Mail Correspondence




2 “Hybrid Electric Bicycle for rural application”  


Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology.

IISc campus, Bengaluru -560012


Dr. Jyoti P Koujalagi


03 months







3 “A new generation eco friendly power house”  

Dr.Jyoti P Koujalagi

03 months  




4 “Mini Tesla Coil” Dr. Jyoti P Koujalagi 03 months  






5 “Solar Cell Phone Charger” DST-KFIST Dr. B V Sumangala, 40,000/- completed

Internal Funded Students Research Projects



Title of the Project Funding Agency Name of the Investigator/Project Guide Duration Amount Sanctioned(Rupees)  


1 Spy Bug Management, Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology  


03 months






2 Electric Bicycle Management, Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology  

Dr.Jyoti P Koujalagi

03 months  




3 Smart Power Switching System Management, Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology  

Sri T.B.Dayananda

03 months  




Existing Research Facilities

1. Power Electronics

Detailed specification of Equipment
Sl.No Name of Equipment & Accessories Quantity Technical Specification as indicated/proposed in the e-tendering document
1 3-Phase IGBT based Matrix Converter with driver circuit 01 3-Phase 440V input, 3 HP load capability, IGBT of 1200V,50A
2 DSP controller Kit 2812 02 2812,DAC,16 channel 12 bit ADC, memory,16 PWM output, RS232 etc.
3 3-Phase 440V,50Hz,1500 rpm Induction Motor 1HP,  with Speed, current sensors 01 3-phase 440V,50Hz,1500rpm,1 HP, with Speed & Current sensors
4 DC Shunt generator  coupled to 01 2HP,220V, 1500 rpm with speed and current sensors.
5 Harmonic Analyzer (Spectrum Analyzer) 01 0.15-1 GHz ,Resolution of frequency display 10 KHz.
6 dsPIC 4011 01 PWM controller,48KB flash,6 PWM output
7 Driver Module for Switched Reluctance  Motor 01 230V,1500rpm,3.5A, 4 phase
8 BLDC Motor 01 1 HP,230V with driver circuit
9 DC Link Voltage Source Inverter 01 DC link 3-phase, 440 V, Voltage Source Inverter with 3-phase 440 V, Diode Bridge Rectifier, 1200 V, 50A devices
Switched Reluctance Motor
Switched Reluctance Motor
Matrix Converter
Matrix Converter








2. High voltage and Insulation Diagnosis Laboratory


  1. AutaomaticDielectricAutomatic Dielectric Constant Tan Delta & Resistivity Test Set

The ADTR-2K Plus is an automated instrument for measuring the electrical characteristics of liquid & solid insulating materials. This measures Capacitance, Dielectric Constant ε, Dielectric loss, Tan Delta (Dissipation Factor), Resistance & Resistivity of the dielectrics and is specially designed to work with the IEC & ASTM type oil cell with a 2mm spacing and can applies a stress in the range of 100-1200 Volts/  mm as recognized by ASTM standards.




The Beckman Coulter2.Particle Size Analyzer- Multisizer-3 COULTER COUNTER

The BECKMAN COULTER Multisizer 3 is a flexible, multi-channel analyzer employing the Coulter Principle (or Coulter electrical impedance method) together with state-of-the art Digital Pulse Processing (DPP) technology to provide both particle sizing and counting within an overall size range of 0.4 μm to 1200 μm. Data is acquired and processed using proprietary DSP circuitry and may be archived, displayed and reanalyzed on any PC equipped with Pentium-II or any microprocessor running Beckmann Coulter Multisizer 3 software on Microsoft Windows operating system.

OxidativeStability3. Oxidative Stability Measuring Equipment – Rancimat 743

The 743 Rancimat as a modern, PC-controlled measuring device for  determination of the oxidation stability of the liquid dielectric.Operation of Rancimat is realized completely via a PC connected to the RS232 interface using the control and evaluation program 743 Rancimat.


MoistureDetection4. Moisture Detection Equipment

The volumetric Karl Fischer DL38 and DL31 titrators have been designed for determination of wide range of moisture content – determinations from a few 100 ppm to 100% water, quickly and precisely.



DissovedGasAnalyser5. Dissolved Gas Analyser – GC 8610

Gas Chromatograph Analyzes the Dissolved Gases in Transformer Oil as per the relevant Standards. The typical gases it can detect are Methane, Ethane, Acetylene, Ethylene, Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen etc.



Partial Discharge Measuring System6. Partial Discharge Measuring System

The partial discharge / RIV measuring system consist of  partial discharge meter (type DTM) which is the basic measuring unit with built-in  oscilloscope, filter insert option for either narrow band (Type DTF-1) or broad band (type Eb1), measuring impedance and coaxial connecting cable and pulse generator (type PDG)



Shielded Room7. Shielded Room

Provides facilities for measurements of Partial Discharges with Discharges less than 2PC.





ElectrometerHigh Resistance Measuring Meter8. Electrometer/High Resistance Measuring Meter

The Model 6517A offers full auto ranging over the full span of ranges on current, voltage, charge and resistance measurements.

Current – 1fA to 20 mA.

Voltage -10μV to 200V .

High resistance measurements.


Impulse Generator9. Impulse Generator

 5 stage of 50 KV each, to generate 250 KV, 320 Joules 1.2 / 50µsec standard Lightning Impulse Voltage Wave.





Cascade Transformer Set10. Cascade Transformer Set

Three transformers of 6 KVA, single phase 230V/35 KV are connected in cascade to obtain 105 KV source.





Ovens11 Ovens

Two ovens of 60 x 60 x 60 cm3 working volume, Humidity and Temperature control Range of 0-1500C, with 50 KV H.V. bushing.





Sphere Gap12. Sphere Gap

Vertical type, 25 cm Diameter Sphere Gap with motorized remote Gap adjustment for High Voltage A.C., D.C and Impulse Voltage calibration and Measurements.



High Voltage AC-DC set13. High Voltage AC-DC set

230V/100KV 5 KVA Transformer, to obtain 100 KV AC/DC, for conducting various tests.



Switched Reluctance Motor
Switched Reluctance Motor
LCR meter
LCR meter








3. Transformer Transients

Testing and Consultancy offered

The department is constantly extending its expertise both in respect of testing and consultation. The beneficiaries are

  • Areva T&D India Ltd., Hosur, TN, Testing & evaluation of liquid dielectric
  • M/s Senapathy Whiteley, Bengaluru
  • Power Research & Development Consultants, Bengaluru
  • Deccan Enterprises, Hyderabad
  • Uniglass Industries, Bengaluru
  • Laxmamnan Isola, Bengaluru
  • John Crane Services, Bombay

Consultancy Undertaken

Year Organization Nature of


Name of Benefits


Amount in Rs
8.2.2016 M/s Senapathy Whitley,

Casafina, Primrose Road, Bengaluru560 025

Testing & Evaluation of Partial Discharge in Press boards Testing Charges to College 25,000/-
4.4.2014 M/s Senapathy Whitley,

Casafina, Primrose Road, Bengaluru560 025

Testing & Evaluation of Partial Discharge in Press boards Testing Charges to College 16,854/-
22.3.2013 M/s Senapathy Whitley,

Casafina, Primrose Road, Bengaluru560 025

Testing & Evaluation of Partial Discharge in Press boards Testing Charges to College 44,444/-
13.12.2013 M/s Senapathy Whitley,

Casafina,Primrose Road, Bengaluru560 025

Testing & Evaluation of Partial Discharge in Press boards Testing Charges to College 1,11,110/-
April2010 M/s Areva T&D India Pvt Ltd, Hosur, Tamil nadu Testing & analysis of Transformer oil Testing Charges to College 1,02,055/-
Jan 2010 to March 2010 M/s Areva T&D India Pvt Ltd, Hosur, Tamil nadu Testing & analysis of Transformer oil Testing Charges to College 2,19,170/-

Publications in Conferences/ Journals(since 2010)

National Conferences International Conferences National Journals International Journals Total
               176 76 02 71 325

Publication of Technical magazines, news letters, etc

Sl No Details Release Date
1 College News Letter – Annual 2010-2016
2 DHYUTHEE – Department news letter


3 DHYUTHEE – Department news letter


4 DHYUTHEE – Department news letter




5 DHYUTHEE – Department news letter




6 DHYUTHEE – Department news letter




Collaboration and MOUs

  1. MOU Signed with “Crane Software International Limited” (TEXAS Instruments), Bengaluru, on 16th sept 2013,
  2. MOU Signed with “JVS Electronics LTD”, Bengaluru, on 10th April -2013.
  3. MOU signed with “PRDC”, on 14.12.2013

Seminars/Workshops/FDP’s conducted

  1. TEQIP sponsored, Three days Workshop on, “ Recent Trends in Industrial and Process Automation”,21-23 April 2016, Dr.AIT-55participants
  2. Technical Talk -19/2/2016-“ Lightning Interaction in Avionics”, by Prof. Pradip Kumar Dixit, Professor MSRIT, ISTE sponsored
  3. Matlab Workshop on “Power Electronics and Drives” in collaboration with M/s Electrono Solutions,under TEQIP, on 10/2/2016
  4. Technical Talk-4/2/2016-TEQIP sponsored“ Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Conservation for sustainable   development”,Dr. Nagana Gouda,Director National Centre for
    1. Solar Technology, KPCL
  1. Technical Talk – 22.01.2016 – “What to be covered in Electronics“

Dr. Muhammad. H. Rashid, Professor, University of West Florida , USA

  1. Technical Talk – 07.09.2015 – “Awareness on Solar Energy 8 Minutes” – Harshit Poddar
  2. Technical Talk – 21-2-2015 –  “Emerging Trends in Power Transmission System”
  • Vasudeva, Joint Director, CPRI, Bengaluru
  1. Technical Talk -24.1.2015 “ Energy Auditing”, Prof. Bhaskara,Certified Energy Auditor, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.
  2. FDP on “Insulation and High Voltage Engineering” June 11th to 15th 2013
  3. FDP on, “DSP Fundamentals & Applications to Power Electronics & Drives”, 3rd to 7th June 2013 in collaboration with M/s.Cranes Software International, Bengaluru.
  4. Technical talk-11.10.2014, “Self Healing grids”, by Bindhu Madhava (Senior Scientist F, CDAC-Former Alumnii)
  5. Technical Talk -28.11.2014, “”Philosophy of ultra high voltage engineering”.
  6. Technical Talk 10.4.2013, “Engineering and Science Education-Finding Congruence in Diverse
  7. Perspectives”, Srikanth kashyap SW, Director, R & D, JVS Electronics
  8. One day seminar on, “PMU and Wide Area Monitoring Applications”(PRDC),10.5.2013.
  9. Workshop on, “Hands on Experience-MATLAB/SIMULINK”, by Electrono solutions, 2-4 Nov. 2013.
  10. FDP on, “Design and Modeling of Drives for Electric Machines”,26.9.2013
  11. Technical talk-26.9.2012, “Energy Internet-Trends and Challenges”, by Bindhu Madhava(Senior Scientist F, CDAC-Former Alumnii)
  12. 3 day workshop on, “ Modeling Techniques in Power Electronics, using Matlab”, (Electrono Solutions),25-27 Aug.2011.

5. Students’ Activities

Details of Industrial visits Date Plant visited No. of students
1. 05/3/2016 Wind Farm, Chitradurga 72
2. 20/2/2016 Sharavathi Receiving station 68
3. 3/10/2015 Varahi Hydel Power plant 72
4. 18/9/2015 Solar Power Plant, Mandya 72
5. 5/11/2014 Shimsha Hydro Electric Power Station 72 (B.E) & 16 (M.Tech)
6. 6/03/2014 Sharavathi Power Plant, Shimoga 44 (B.E)
7. 4/09/2014 Varahi Under Ground Power Plant 68 (B.E)
8. 11/03/2014 Nagjhari Hydro Power Plant & Dykes                                             Point 72 (B.E)
9. 9/03/2014 West Coast Paper Mill, Mandya 72 (B.E)
10. 20/09/2013 SharavathiHydel Power Plant & Tail Race Project 56 (B.E)
11. 5/04/2013 West Coast Paper Mill Ltd.Mandya 25 (M.Tech)
12. 28/02/2013 Raichur Thermal Power Plant 72 (B.E)
13. 4/04/2013 Raichur Thermal Power Plant &

Nagajhari Hydel Plant


25 (M.Tech)
14. 25/03/2013 KAVIKA, Bengaluru 72 (B.E)
15. 4/04/2013 Raichur Thermal Power Plant 25 (M.Tech)
16. 28/03/2013 Raichur Thermal Power Plant 72 (B.E)
17. 5/04/2013 West coast paper mill, Mandya 72 (B.E)
18. 27/02/2013 HVDC Kolar 72 (B.E)
19. 27/09/2012 Kavika, Bengaluru 72 (B.E)
20. 13/09/2012 Kavika, Bengaluru 72 (B.E)
21. 17/08/2011 HVDC Kolar 72 (B.E)
22. 22/07/2011 Kavika, Bengaluru 20 (B.E)
23. 01/10/2011 Wind Farm, Chitradurga 72 (BE)