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Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology

Information Science And Engineering (Accredited by National Board of Accreditation)

Imparting quality technical education and preparing professionals to meet Information Technological (IT) challenges globally.

  • Prepare highly skilled Information Science engineers through best practices.
  • Encourage students to pursue higher education for further growth in the learning process and to promote research in the frontier areas of Information Technology.
  • Educate students to take up social and professional responsibilities with ethical values for the  betterment of the society.

Programs Offered

Head of Department

hod-is_smallImparting quality technical education and preparing professionals to meet Information Technological (IT) challenges globally.

Dr.Shylaja B S, Ph.D.
Professor & Head, Department Of Information Science.

About The Department

Department of Information Science and Engineering (ISE) established in 1992. Present sanctioned student intake for B.E is 60 and M.Tech is 24. Department of Information Science research centre is registered under VTU guides various PG scholars in different emerging engineering technologies. Department is accredited by NBA and also certified by ISO9001-2008. The department presents a unique opportunity to study the exciting field with guidance of quality teachers.

Dr. B S Shylaja heads the department. She has rich teaching experience of 25 years. She has to her credit of publishing research papers in reputed international journals and conferences.

Long Term Goals

  • To establish and strengthen Industry-Institute interaction in order to provide solution to industry.
  • To establish centre-of-excellence for research and innovation in Information Technology.
  • To take up sponsored projects in order to encourage research activities in the department.
  • To have more number of publications and patents in the emerging areas of information technology.
  • To create better entrepreneurs in the area of Information Technology.
  • To be among top ten leading institutes in India and abroad and be recognized as the best department.

Short Term Goals

  • To conduct faculty and student development programmes in the field of Information Technology for skill upgradation.
  • To conduct soft and hard skills programmes for students to inculcate leadership qualities and technical skills.
  • To conduct national/ international conferences for knowledge sharing with outside world.

Programme Educational Objectives(PEOs)

The Information Science and Engineering faculty in conjunction with its constituents has established the following Program Educational Objectives for each of its students:

PEO1:  Graduates will have the ability to become successful computing professionals in the area of Information Technology.

PEO2: Graduates will be equipped to enhance their knowledge through core engineering courses to promote lifelong learning.

PEO3: Graduates will be able to take up social, technical and entrepreneurial challenges.

Programme Outcomes(POs)

The POs for the department of Information Science and Engineering are:

PO1: Ability to apply the knowledge of computing, mathematics, basic sciences and engineering fundamentals for the solution of engineering related problems.

PO2: Identify, specify and formulate comprehensive solution to complex engineering problems.

PO3: Design and develop computing systems to meet the specified needs of engineering problems by considering societal and environmental implications.

PO4: Ability to conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data to provide valid conclusions for problems in Information Science and Engineering .

PO5: Ability to identify and solve computational problems using modern technologies and tools.

PO6: An understanding to assess societal, health, safety, legal issues relevant to professional engineering practices.

PO7: Understanding the impact of IT solutions in society and environment for sustainable development.

PO8: Apply and commit to professional ethics in engineering practices.

PO9: An ability to work as an individual, as a member and /or leader in diverse teams.

PO10: Ability to communicate effectively both in written and oral communication.

PO11: Ability to understand the importance of finance and project management as an individual and/or through team work.

PO12: Develop a conducive environment to engage in lifelong learning.

Board Of Studies

Sl. No. Category Details of Committee Members





Professor and HOD, Dept. of ISE, Dr.AIT.




Subject Experts nominated by Vice Chancellor of VTU Dr. Mohan H.S

Professor and HOD

Department of ISE, SJBIT



Members (Internal)


1. Dr. Prabha R

Assoc. Prof.,  Dept. of ISE , Dr.AIT

2.Dr .S. Nagalakshmi

Assoc. Prof.,  Dept. of ISE , Dr.AIT

3. Dr. Nandini Prasad K.S

Assoc. Professor, Dept. of ISE , Dr.AIT

4. Prof.Vijayalaxmi.R.Patil

Assistant Prof., Dept. of ISE, Dr.AIT.

5.Prof. S.Pushpalatha

Assistant Prof., Dept. of ISE, Dr.AIT.

6.  Prof.Satish Basapur

Assistant Prof., Dept. of ISE, Dr.AIT.

7. Prof. Jyothi S

Assistant Prof., Dept. of ISE, Dr.AIT.

8. Prof Neetha Natesh

Assistant Prof., Dept. of ISE, Dr.AIT.



Subject Experts from outside the college nominated by Academic council 1. Dr. Sanjay H A

Professor and HOD,

Department of ISE, NMIT, Bangalore

2. Dr. Anita Kanavalli

Professor &HOD
Dept of CSE, MSRIT,  Bangalore

3. Dr. B.G.Prasad

Professor and Associate Dean (CS/IS Cluster)

BMSCE, Bangalore.

4. Dr. Ashok Kumar A.R

Professor,  RVCE, Bangalore



Representative from Industry/ Corporate sector/Allied area related to placement nominated academic council 1.Mr.Manjunath

Winfoware Technologies,Bangalore

2. Mr. Mruthyunjay Bidanur Mutt

Manager,  Infosys, Bangalore

3. Mrs. Harshini  M.

UI Lead-IBM Products, Bangalore.

6 Post Graduate meritorious Alumnus nominated by Principal Sunil .Kumar B

Associate Software Engineer, TCS, Bangalore.

Research Details

Department of Information Science & Engineering Research Centre has received the state recognition as VTU Research Centre in the year 2012. It offers research scholars with provision for Ph.D. (Full Time & Part Time). The research facility is available for PG scholars and Ph.D scholars to carry out research in Research Laboratory for their specific area. Students and research scholars are encouraged to take up inter disciplinary research in various domains like Computer Networks, Network Security, Cloud Computing, BigData, IoT etc.


  1. Project entitled “Design and Development of  Application Package to Optimize Cloud Storage for Cloud Users”, Sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, Government of India.

Ref number : 20/AICTE/RIFD/RPS(POLICY-1)36/2013-14 dated 05/07/2013.

Investigator :  Dr. B.S.Shylaja

Started on    : 2013

Duration      : 3 years

Amount       : Rs.2,30,000/-

2. Dr. Nandini Prasad. K.S has guided two projects funded from KSCST(KARNATAKA STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY): 39th Series of Student Project Programme : 2015-2016: 

a.    Design and Management of Response System for Vehicle Collision

b.  Smart Parking System Using IOT .


3.  Prof. Satish.B. Basapur has guided a project funded from KSCST(KARNATAKA STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY): 38th Series of Student Project Programme : 2014-2015: 

a.  Smart Robot Arm (SRA)


  • Details of Research Guides   
Sl No Name of the Guide Name of the Research Scholar Year of Registration Area of Research University Status
1 Dr Shylaja B S Dharani Kumari V 2012 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Thesis submitted
Bhaskar.R 2013 DBIT, Bangalor e VTU Comprehensive


Deepu.S.R 2014


EWIT, Bangalore VTU Course completed
Chaya 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Course Work taken
Satish.B.Basapur 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Course Work taken
Kushala.M.V 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Course Work taken
2 Dr.Prabha R Mamatha. R 2017 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Course work taken
Rajesh S M 2017 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Course work taken
Shilpa  S 2017 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Course work taken
3 Dr. Nandini Prasad K S Ashwini Kumari.M 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Applied course work exam
Varalakshmi.N 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Applied course work exam
Chetana Srinivas 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Applied course work exam
Shaileshwari.M.U 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Applied course work exam
Venkata Reddy.P.S 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Applied course work exam
4 Dr.Shrishail Math S  Pushpalatha 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Course work taken
Vidyarani H J 2015 Dr. AIT, Bangalore VTU Course work taken

Details of Ph.D Research Scholars

  • Guide: Dr. B.S.Shylaja                                                                                                                                                                                                
 Sl.No  Candidate Name  Year of Registration  Research Topic



Dharani Kumari N V



Position–based routing protocols for vehicular nodes moving at different velocities ADHOC networks (VANETs) for different scenarios.
2 Bhaskar R 2013 Studies in Monitoring & resource Utilization of Virtual machines in Cloud Computing
3 Deepu S R 2014 Studies in switching protocols for Cloud networking to optimize topology dependant complexity
4 Satish B Basapur 2014 Studies in privacy preservation frameworks over big data in Cloud systems
5 Jyothi S 2014 An Efficient framework for Resource Provisioning and Management in Cloud Computing
6 Kushala M V 2014 Study of heterogeneous Algorithms to Overcome Service Unavailability in Multi-Cloud Computing
7 Chaya K 2015 Studies in Power Optimization Algorithms for saving Energy in Wireless Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks.                                                                                                                                                                   

Guide: Dr. Nandini Prasad.K.S                                                  

Sl.No. Candidate Name  

Year of Registration


Research Topic

1 Ashwini Kumari.M 2015 Detecting Advanced Security Threats In Networks Using Big Data Analytics.
2 Varalakshmi.N 2015 Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks


3 Chetana Srinivas 2015 Performance Evaluation of Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis system in healthcare domain using Big Data Analytics.
4 Shaileshwari.M.U 2015 Software Defined Network (SDN) based Network Management
5 Venkata Reddy.P.S 2015 Enhancement of QOS Support for Real Time Applications in Mobile Ad Hoc Network 

Guide : Prabha R

Sl.NO. Candidate Name Year of Registration Research Topic
1 Rajesh M 2016 A Secure and Privacy Preserving Distributed Framework for IoT
2 Shilpa S 2016 A New Approach To Collaborative Intrusion Detection System for Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud
3 Mamatha R 2016 Mobile Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

Research Project Details

Sl No Name of the Project Funding Agency Project Investigators Duration Amount sanctioned Status
1 Design and Development of Application Package to Optimize Cloud Storage for Cloud Users Dr. Shylaja B S AICTE Sponsored 3 Years 2.3 lakhs ongoing

Department facility for R & D and consultancy

  1. Systems with Intel Core i7 along with latest configuration.
  2. Simulating softwares like NS2, NS3, NCTUNS, CiscoPacketTracer etc.
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity for entire campus.
  4. Licensed software like: PSPICE, Microsoft campus wide license, MATLAB, Oracle etc.
  • Collaboration and MOU’s
  1. TCS, Bangalore
  3. Li2 Innovations, Bangalore
  4. ThinkAppz Inc., Bangalore
  5. SiMS, Bangalore
  6. PThinks, Bangalore
  7. VMware Bangalore
  8. Betalabz Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore