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Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineering

To provide quality technical education in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on research, sustainable technologies and entrepreneurship for the global requirement


• To impart in-depth knowledge in basic and applied areas of Mechanical Engineering with professional values to have a successful career.
• To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and laboratories for academics and promoting research and development.
• To collaborate with industries and research organizations for projects funding and consultancy with a main focus on industry-institute interactions and joint research.
• To impart moral and ethical values with an awareness of societal impact through co-curricular activities.

Programs Offered

• Undergraduate Course (Autonomous): B E in Mechanical Engineering
• Post graduate Course: M.Tech in Machine Design (Autonomous), M.Sc Engineering by research (VTU)
• Ph.D in diversified areas like Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing Processes, Design Engineering, Vibration, Composites (Metal, Ceramic and Polymer Matrix)

Head of Department

Dr.B.RavindraTrain the Mechanical Engineering Students to analyse, Design, Optimize and Fabricate the Mechanical Systems and have the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of human kind.
Dr. B. Ravindra, PhD,
Professor & Head,
Mechanical Engineering.

About The Department

Mechanical Engineering department started the UG program (B.E Mechanical Engineering) with an initial intake of 60 students in 1980 with affiliation to Bangalore University and the present intake is 180. Research and development centre was established in 2000 with recognition from Visvesvaraya Technological University. Faculty of the departments are involved in sponsored research project and consultancy. It also offers M.Sc Engg. by research and Doctoral programmes. The department started M. Tech programs in Machine design under VTU in the year 2013-14 with an intake of 24.The total grants from the sponsored research  projects from various funding agencies in last three years is Rs. 1.3 Crores. During the last five years the department published around 200 papers in journals and 80 in conferences. The department has hosted many workshops, faculty and staff development programs, National seminars & conferences.

Long Term Goals

  • Student’s involvement in projects of Innovative nature.
  • Skill enhancement for 100% placement and enhance Entrepreneurship.
  • Inculcate ethical values in students to serve the society.
  • Imbibe Knowledge and desire to pursue higher studies.
  • Involve faculty and students in funded projects, publications, patents and interaction with the Industry.
  • Explore new Innovative ideas through Projects and Research from Faculty and Students.
  • Recognition of the department as a QIP centre.
  • Institution of Additional programs (PG and PG Diploma).
  • Creation of ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the area of Mechanical Engineering.

Short Term Goals

  • Strive to grow both horizontally and vertically in the Academic field.
  • Modernize Existing laboratories.
  • Design various add-on courses.
  • Involve students to participate in Community Development Programs.
  • Encourage Faculty to participate in Research activities, publications and consultancy activities.
  • Encourage faculty to be the knowledge seekers to discharge lectures in an effective manner.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1: Utilize the knowledge of Science and Engineering for problem identification, formulation and solution.
  • PEO 2: Communicate effectively with all.
  • PEO 3: Exhibit professionalism by displaying competence & leadership with commitment.
  • PEO 4: Keep in pace with Engineering developments.

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme, the graduates will be able to:

  • Apply the knowledge of basic sciences and engineering specialization to solve mechanical engineering problems.
  • Analyse complex mechanical engineering problems by using first principles of mathematics and engineering sciences.
  • Design mechanical components and develop solutions for complex engineering problems to meet the specific needs by considering the issues of safety, culture, society and environment.
  • Use research-based knowledge and research methods to conduct investigations of complex mechanical engineering problems and provide valid conclusions.
  • Use modern engineering techniques, skills and tools to model and predict various mechanical engineering activities.
  • Understand the responsibilities of professional engineering practice to assess the issues related to society, health, safety, law and culture.
  • Consider the impact of engineering solutions on environment and the need for sustainable development.
  • Follow the norms of engineering practice and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities.
  • Work as an individual and as a team member or leader in a team of diverse knowledge and in multidiscipline areas of mechanical engineering.
  • Communicate effectively with his/her colleagues in the engineering community and also with the society at large.
  • Apply the principles of engineering, management and finance to manage projects in various disciplines of mechanical engineering.
  • Engage in independent and life-long learning as a consequence of changes in technology.

 Attainment of POs can be assessed by the following direct and indirect assessment tools:

  • Ability to apply the knowledge of science and engineering to the solutions of mechanical engineering problems.
  • Identify and analyze engineering problems by utilising the knowledge of basic sciences and engineering sciences.
  • Offer solutions to complex engineering problems that has compliance to public health and safety, and the cultural, societal and environmental issues.
  • Utilise advanced knowledge to provide solutions.
  • Develop and implement software tools to engineering activities with a knowledge of their limitation.
  • Accommodate the issues related to society, health, safety, culture and legal to engineering practices.
  • Develop sustainable engineering solutions keeping in view the impact on societal and environmental context.
  • Practice ethical responsibilities
  • Perform effectively as an individual and as a member/leader in diverse teams and/or multidisciplinary environment.
  • Ability to communicate and document effectively.
  • Application of Engineering and Management principles in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Adaptation to technological change through lifelong learning.

Board of Studies

Name Designation Organization
Dr. L Chandrasagar Professor & Head   Chairman Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT
Dr. U R Mallik Professor Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur
Dr. Sridhar Seshadri Professor Indian Institute of Technology – Powai, Mumbai
Dr.Giridhar Professor BMSCE, Bangalore
Dr. S Paul Vizhiyan Professor University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore
Dr. P L S Murthy Professor M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore
Dr. Rajendran Sc. G Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore
Mr.Subrahmanyam N Iyer Senior Manager Volvo R&D, Bangalore
Mr.Renil.P. Senior Manager Mercedes Benz R & D, Bangalore
Mr.Nikhil R B Managing Director Anvesha Fab. Industries Private Limited, Bangalore
Dr. B Ravindra Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT
Dr. K M Purushothama Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT
Dr. K M Narayanappa Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT
Dr. B G Shetty Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT
Mr. N Shashikantha Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT
Mr. S K Jagadeesh Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT
Dr. T N Raju Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT
Dr. S Sathish Assistant  Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.AIT

Department Facility for R & D and Consultancy

  • Centre for Thermal barrier coatings
  • Centre for Composite Materials
  • Centre for Metal Casting
  • Centre for TIG Welding
  • Centre for Bio-Fuels with Govt GKVK collaboration
  • Centre for Machine Design/Vibration


  • Lecture series Aug.2011 (M/S Siemens Pvt. Ltd., Baroda, along with Sri. N Shashikanth)
  • Rotor dynamic analysis of 35MW generator shaft Sept.2011 (M/S SRDC, Bangalore, along with Dr. L Chandrasagar)
  • Testing of aerospace quality rolling element bearings Oct.2011- mar 2012 (M/S National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore)
  • Consultancy on patent drafting Dec.2011 (M/S K & S partners)        Free advice
  • Lubricating system inspection April.2012 (M/S Sothern Lubrication Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Inter- shaft bearing testing April 2012-Feb2013 (M/S National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore)
  • VTU lecture series Aug.2012 (M/s VTU regional centre, Bangalore)
  • Reduction of piping vibrations Aug.2012 (M/S Ncon Turbo Tech Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Verification of the design analysis of seal test rig Dec.2012 (M/S SRDC, GE, Bangalore)
  • Testing methodology for Gokart June2013 (M/s Dolphin industries, Bangalore along with Dr.B. Ravindra)
  • Advisory Consultancy on CFD related issues July 18&19,2013 (M/S SRDC, Bangalore)
  • Boiler safety spring problems INS VIRAT,  Aug.2013 (M/s Tocal Industries, along with Sri N Shashikanth, Sri Venkatesh Reddy, Dr K M Purushottham, Dr. T.N.Raju, Dr. L. Chandrasagar
  • Advisory consultancy related to preloading of boiler safety springs,  Oct.2013 (M/S Tocol Industries along with  Sri N Shashikanth, Sri Venkatesh Reddy, Dr K M Purushottham Dr. T N Raju, Dr. L Chandrasagar).
  • Five days advisory consultancy related to wedge design (Nov-Dec.2013)
  • General consultancy @ half day a week for 12 weeks Sept. 2014- Dec. 2014
  • Industrial Consultancy, Ducom, Oct. 2014-Jan. 2015
  • Industrial Consultancy, Ducom, Feb 2015-April 2015
  • Industrial Consultancy, Ducom, May 2015-Aug 2015
  • Industrial Consultancy, Ducom, Sept. 201-Dec 2015

Funding Project Details

Sl No Name of the Project Funding Agency Project Investigators Duration Amount sanctioned Status
1 Studies on Gadolinium Oxide Doped Zirconia Thermal Barrier Coating.  DRDO(AR & DB) Dr. L.Chandrasagar 3 Years 31.55 Lakhs On going
2 Synthesis & Characterization of New Bio fuels for their use in Automobiles and Diesel / Generators Dept. of Science & Technology Dr. L.Chandrasagar 3 Years 74.39 Lakhs On going
3 Feasibility studies on development of brush seals AICTE Dr. Arunkumar V 3 Years 16.47 Lakhs On going
4 Design of proof of concepts for non contact power transmission devices suitable for a typical cyclic spin facility GATET /DRDO Dr. Raju T N 3 Years 9.2 Lakhs On going

Research Center Details

Sl No Name of the Guide Name of the Research Scholar Year of Registration Area of Research University Status
1 Dr.L.Chandrasagar i)Mrs. Rajeshwari.P 2010 Laser Treatment on TBC VTU Thesis submitted
ii)Mr.M.N.Lokesh 2010 Bio fuel synthesis VTU Ongoing
iii)Mr.Vunetheya.S 2014 Studies on Cyonospheres & its applications VTU Ongoing
iv)Mrs.Sushma.U.S 2014 Effect of non edible bio fuels in diesel engine performance VTU Ongoing
2 Dr. B. Ravindra Mr. Laxman Nayak 2013 Welding VTU Ongoing
3 Dr.K.M.Narayanappa i)Mr. M.M.Nataraj 2011 TBC VTU Awarded
ii)Mr. Srinivasa Murthy 2008 “Measurement and Simulation of Transmission error of Mechanical power Transmission system VTU Waiting for viva-voce
iii)Mr. Praveen Kumar 2012 “Study of Diffusion Mechanism of Micro-WC Dispersed Nickel Composite Coatings VTU Ongoing
iv)Mr. Venugopal 2014 Development of Universal post Processor for CNC Machines including Special conversion Program”


VTU Ongoing
v)Ms. Vinutha 2014 Numerical and experimental investigation of lower thermal conductivity, thermal radiation, thermal barrier coatings” VTU Ongoing
4 Dr K M Purushothama i)Gunesh 2015  


VTU Ongoing
ii)Lankesh 2015  

Energy Source

VTU Ongoing
5 Dr. B GangadharShetty i)Mr. Naveen 2013 A study & analysis on polymer materials used as bio material compared with SS316 and its applications. VTU Ongoing
6 Dr S Sathish i)Manjunath H S 2016 Glass fiber composites VTU Ongoing
ii)Mohankumar B 2016 Glass fiber composites VTU Ongoing
7 Dr.T.N.Raju i)Mrs.Preethi.K 2014 Metal Matrics Composites, Studies on CNT RIN post aluminum VTU Ongoing
ii)Byregowda KC 2016 Thermal VTU Ongoing
iii) Amithkumar S N 2016 Metal Matrics Composites, Synthesis and characterization of Al TI B2 VTU Ongoing
8 Dr M M Nataraj i) Vinaysimha 2016 Thermal barrier coating VTU Ongoing
ii)Chandrashekar 2016 Thermal barrier coating VTU Ongoing
9 Dr H M Somashekar i)Manjunath C J 2014 MMC VTU Ongoing
ii)Gowthama 2015 Abrasive Water Jet Machining VTU Ongoing
iii)Ashoka 2015 Ultrasonic Machining VTU Ongoing
iv) Lingaraju 2016 Electrochemical


VTU Ongoing
10 Dr. V Arunkumar i)Chethan 2012 Brush seal VTU Ongoing
ii)Raghu 2013 Semi active journal bearing VTU Ongoing

Patent Details

Sl No Title of the Patent Investigator Organization
1 Method to synthesize plasma sprayable gadolinium oxide stabilizing/doped zirconia powder by using polyvinyl alcohol i)Dr. L.Chandrasagar

ii) Dr. R Rajendran

i)Dr. AIT

ii)Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE)

2 Method to prepare microwave synthesized plasma sprayable gadolinium oxide stabilizing/doped zirconia thermal barrier coating powder i)Dr. L.Chandrasagar

ii) Dr. R Rajendran

i)Dr. AIT

ii)Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE)

3 Electroless Alloy Coated Nanocenosphere/Polymer/Filter Composite for EMI shielding Effectiveness i)Dr. L.Chandrasagar

ii)Vynetheya S

i)Dr. AIT

ii)Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore

4 Intershaft squeeze film damper and method for providing lubricating film Dr. V Arunkumar Dr. AIT
5 Bearings comprising smart materials Dr. V Arunkumar Dr. AIT
6 Personalized air transport apparatus Dr. V Arunkumar Dr. AIT


  • Ducom Industries Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Dynaspede Pvt. Ltd.,  Hosur
  • University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.
  • INFOTEK Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Origiin Innovations, Bangalore


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