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Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology

Digital Communication & Networking


 To develop competent Telecommunication Engineering Graduates through Academic Excellence at Undergraduate & Postgraduate levels.


 To impart high quality Education imbibing Professional and Ethical values.

  • To prepare students for successful Technical job careers and as emerging Team Leaders Globally.
  • To create a conducive Environment for Continual Learning and Research in the field of Telecommunication Engineering.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To produce Post graduates in the field of Digital Communication and Networking to enable them to have successful careers by imparting knowledge of Core and Elective subjects.

PEO2: To produce Post graduates, who imbibe leadership qualities and evolve as managers and entrepreneurs in the area of communication engineering and allied fields.

PEO3: To produce Post graduates, who exhibit qualities of communication engineer with social consciousness and professional ethics.

PEO4: To produce Post graduates, who pursue higher education and carry out research work that would lead to innovation.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

PO1: Graduates

will demonstrate knowledge of Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Advanced Digital Communication and Networking concepts.

PO2: Graduates will acquire the ability to identify, and design Advanced Digital Communication systems and Network scenarios.

PO3: Graduate will conduct laboratory experiments on digital communication, antenna design, signal processing and will be able design efficient communication systems.

PO4: Graduates will design and simulate network scenarios with the usage of latest modern software tools and are useful for higher studies and research activities.

PO5: Graduates will understand the need and impact of communication and networking concepts in a global and societal context.

PO6: Graduates will acquire the need to apply Professional engineering ethics and norms to understand and deliver networking solutions.

PO7: Graduates will exhibit good Communication, thesis documentation skills and effectively work individually towards project management, Finance and product development.

PO8: Graduate will Inculcate the confidence for self study and a quest for research and continuous lifelong learning.


Scheme 2017-18

Syllabus 2017-18