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Five laws of library science

  1. Books are for use
  2. Every reader has his/her book
  3. Every book has its reader
  4. Save the time of the reader
  5. Library is a growing organism

– Dr.S R Ranganathan
(Father of Library Science)


Library serve as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of books and journals useful for faculty and students of the institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.


  • Library aims to be one of the best among engineering college libraries in the country.
  • Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt user friendly approach towards student and faculty.
  • Library intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge.


  • To educate students to contribute as Dynamic engineers and Citizens through the innovation, Integration, Application and transfer of Engineering knowledge.
  • To be recognized as a world class Engineering college Library that provides an excellent learning materials timely and accurate information in various print and non print formats.
  • A knowledge doorway to accessing resources and life long learning center.

Our Team

Sl.No. Name Designation Qualification
01 Smt.C A Malaghan Sel gr.Librarian MLISc, M.Phil
02 Sri. Nataraja H J Asst.Librarian M.A., MLISc.
03 Sri.K.Shivanna Asst.Librarian MLISc., M.Phil
04 Sri.Rajanna FDA B.Sc.
05 Sri.H V Sathish SDA B.Com.
07 Smt.M.Nirmala Helper SSLC
08 Smt.Kalpana D Helper B.A
09 Sri. Lakshmanaswamy Helper B.A
10 Kum.Puttaparvathamma B Helper B.A
11 Sri.Suresh Babu M P Helper B.Com
12 Sri. Ramanjaneya Helper PUC
13 Sri.Hanumaiah Peon
14 Kum.Bhagyalakshmi.T J Peon

Growth of the Library

The Library came into being with the establishment of Dr,Ambedkar Institute of Technology in the year 1980 at first block of Rajajinagar, Bangalore, in a single room. The Institute was shifted to Mallathalli, near Jnanabharathi campus, Bangalore-56. Then the Library occupied in a small corner of the civil dept in the year 1984, then shifted to P G Block ground floor during 1988.

Then special interest was taken by the founder trustee late Sri.M H Jayaprakash Narayan EX.MLA, during the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar centenary birthday and a new independent building came up by name Dr.Ambedkar Centenary Bhavan during 1991. Now the Library is fully furnished with good collection of 80842 books.20210 titles

Various developmental stages of the Library

1980- 1983 PVP Building, 1st block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore- Single Room
1984-1987 Civil dept. Dr.AIT Campus-Corner Hall
1988-1990 occupied in old MCA dept. PG Block, Dr.AIT campus- in a big hall.
1991- onwards independent Library building named Dr.Ambedkar Centenary Bhavan 1+3 storied building 1778 sq.mtrs.


Library is located in between the main building of Dr.AIT and Men’s Hostel, behind the Syndicate Bank. Total carpet area is 1778 sq.mtrs.

A Ground Floor

Sl.No. Specification Area in sq, mtrs
1 Stocking area for UG courses 190.72
2 Acquisition/seating 45.45
3 Librarian Chamber 13.32
4 Circulation counter 15.79
5 Property  counter 13.68
6 Passage & stair case area 74.66
7 News paper section and stairs 54.74

Total carpet area of the ground floor: 408.28

Circulation Section

Library system followed – Open access system
Classification system _ Dewey Decimal class system

This section is located in ground floor of the Library. The following facilities are available.

Books Issue

  1. DSC_0184Normal 15 days issue
  2. Special issue
  3. Project report issue
  4. Back volume issue
  5. Question paper issue
  6. SC/ST books issue

Arrangement of Library collection

The reading materials are arranged as per Dewey Decimal classification. The Library is adopting “open access” system which enables the readers to go to the bookshelves and select books and other resources by themselves freely.

Working Hours

Library works on all working days of the institute with following times.

Monday to Friday – 9.00 am to 10.00 pm (without break)
Saturday – 9.00 am to 5.30 pm (without break)

Library Members

  1. Students
  2. Teaching faculty
  3. Supporting staff

Other college students who wish to use the library are allowed only after getting prior permission from the Librarian with an introduction letter from concerned Institute Librarian and also on production of ID Card.

Library Automation

Automation of Library activities were introduced in the year 2002 module available :

  1. OPAC
  2. Circulation and Reservation
  3. Reports
  4. Database Administration
  5. Journals Management
  6. Stock Verification
  7. Books order and book procurement process

OPAC service

2Online Bibliographical information services to the users


CAS/SDI service

  1. New arrival display
  2. Notice board display
  3. News paper clipping services

News paper section

DSC_0286News paper section of library.


Reprographic Services

  • DSC_0197Xeroxing
  • Network printing
  • Bar-coding

Other automated facilities

  • Bar coding technology
  • Laser scanner

First Floor

Sl.No. Specification Area in sq.mtrs
1 Stocking area P G courses 88.920
2 Seating area (includes toilet) 121.96
3 Librarian chamber 12.16
4 Digital Library 48.88
5 Passage & staircase 80.74
6 Property counter, corridor & staircase 55.62

3Total carpet area of the first floor: 408.28

First floor is occupied by post graduate courses of MBA, MCA, M.Tech in CSE ,  VLSI, Machine Design,  Digital Communication and Networking, Power Electronics, Structure, Computer Network Engineering and Electronics

The total collection of PG courses is 12482 vols., 3120 titles, with seating capacity of 80 students.

Digital Library and E Resources

4Digital Library is housed in the first floor of the Library. Fifteen systems are available. 2650 CD’s are available on both books & journals.

Users can access e-resources on IEEE, ASCE , Pro-quest, Springer, & Knimbus ,Elsevier and Taylor& Francis etc. And also access articles and e books from DELNET
( Developing Library networking)& also browse subject CDs which are available in the digital library.

Institution Membership

The college has taken up membership for E-Resources from

  • INDEST-AICTE consortium,
  • VTU consortium,

Full text E-Resources

e-Journals Website Address

User name :

Passward :  ait123


User ID :kndait

Passward :dait2005


User ID :vtulib

Passward :proquest1$



Which is a network of 1000 Institutions and access is being given to more than 50 lakh records through online systems. Delnet has been actively engaged with the compilation of various union catalogue of the resources available in member libraries. It has already created the union catalogue of books, union list of current periodicals, CD ROM database. DELNET provides an array of facilities including E mail to its member libraries including both institutional and associate institutional members. It has indeed been a big leap towards the modernization of libraries in India.

DELNET is offering inter-Library loan & document delivery services to its member libraries on request in delivering of books and journals through courier service.
user name : kndait
pass word : dait2005

III. British library membership

Dr.AIT has become the member of the British Library in order to help the users of our college. Students and staff may collect the membership cards from Librarian, can borrow the books journals and browse the e-resources.

Second floor

Sl.No. Specification Area in sqm.
1 Stocking area of reference books 116.97
2 Seating area 213.45
3 Office room & toilet block 21.92
4 Property counter stair & corridor 56.07

Total carpet area of the second floor             408.28

Reference Section 

5This section is located in the second floor. This section covers all UG & PG courses books i.e. text books, reference books, hand books, year books, encyclopedias,  dictionaries, competitive books and other important general books.

Periodical Section

Is located in the 2nd floor of the library. 115 National Journals and 23 International

Journals are available. Student & teaching faculty can make use of this section from 9 am to 10.00 pm.

Last 3 years addition of  books

Year Books
2012-13 910
2013-14 3211
2014-15 1648
2015-16 715

Branch wise collection  of Engg Books  from 2010-2015

Sl. No. Branch No. of  Vols. No. of Titles
01 Civil Engineering 1162 717
02 Mechanical Engineering 2495 1049
03 Industrial Engineering Management 821 346
04 Electrical Engineering 1097 623
05 Instrumentation Technology 1006 275
06 Electronics Engineering 1569 1085
07 Telecommunication Engineering 1694 504
08 Medical Electronics 503 102
09 Computer Science & Engineering 2241 687
10 Information Science & Engineering 1960 495
11 Basic Science 840 205
12 MBA 1876 474
13 MCA 477 112
14 M.Tech Civil 172 90
15 M.Tech Mechanical 243 56
16 M.Tech Power Electronics 54 21
17 M Tech VLSI 101 35
18 M.Tech DCN 55 30
19 M.Tech CSE/ISE 229 71

Library Rules and Regulations

 Library cards will be issued on producing the Identity card, and books will be  issued for the period of two weeks

  1. The books should be returned within 15 days from the date of issue
  2. The staff/students must to return the books as and when they are called back by the Librarian
  3. Before borrowing the book, the member must make sure that the book lent is in good condition and the page numbers are intact.
  4. If a book is not returned when due, another book will not be issued.
  5. Reference books will be issued for over-night use.
  6. Members should not write or make any mark in any book/bound volume/Journals taken out for the consultation or on loan.
  7. Book EligibilityUG Courses – 2 booksPG courses – 3 booksSC/ST students- 8 to 10 booksStaff – 5 to 8 books (Dept. library facility is also available)The borrower shall be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the library documents borrowed by him/her. In case a book is lost by a student, it should be immediately informed to library staff in writing. If the book cannot be traced within two weeks, the borrower will be asked to either replace such material or to pay two times the cost of the book.
  8. If the book/resource form a part of a series damaged, the borrower will be charged for the entire set. No appeal for any concession will be entertained.
  9. The arrangements of chair and other furniture in the reading room should not be disturbed.
  10. All the members of the library are requested to produce their ID card to the Library staff if required.
  11. Library users should switch ‘OFF’ their cell phones. They are strictly prohibited inside the Library.
  12. No user shall deface the library books by underlining or scribbling notes in the margins etc.
  13. Library books are the nation’s assets and belong to all. All users are required to protect the books against wanton and willful damage, mutilation, theft and other malpractices.
  14. Folders, files, issued books & bags etc. should be placed in the property counter provided at the entrance. Do not keep money & valuables inside the bags.
  15. Current journals are not issued for home reading.

Future plan for the library development 

  1. Planning to develop a more digital library collection and install the digital library software.
  2. Planning to provide the RFID systems for circulation section. It saves the time for users.
  3. Planning to install the IP based dome camera for all section
  4. Planning to install the libsys library automation software
  5. Provision for CCTV

List of National & International Journals


SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 Indian concrete Institute (ICI) Journal
2 Indian construction Journal
3 Journal of Indian Roads Congress
4 Journal of  Highway Research Journal
5 Highway Research Record
6 Indian Highways
7 IOEI: Series A Civil, Architecture
8 Construction World
9 Journal of Structural Engg
10 Journal of  Construction Management
11 New building Materials & Construction World
International Journals
1 International Journal of Civil Engg
2 International Journal of  Environmental & Development
3 International Journal of Environmental Pollution Control & Management
4 International Journal of  Water Resources & Environmental Management


SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 Journal of Manufacturing Engineering
2 Indian Foundry  Journal
3 Journal of Energy & Heat Mass Transfer
4 Journal of Energy storage & conversion
5 IOEI ; Series C Mechanical, Production
6 Journal of  modern Manufacturing Technology.
7 Journal of Tribology
8 Manufacturing Technology Today
9 IUP Journal of  Mechanical Engineering
10 Engineering Review
11 I Managers Journal of  Embedded systems
12 Machinery for you
13 I Managers Journal of  Future Engineering  & Technology.


SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 Foundry
2 Industrial Engineering Journal
3 Journal of Entrepreneurship
International Journals
1 International Journal of  Engineering & Management
2 International Journal of  production and quality Engineering
3 International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Engineering.


SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 Indian Journal of  Power & River Valley Development
2 Electrical India
3 IJEST (Indian Journal of Engg. Science &Technology)
4 India Power
5 Resource Energy & Development (READ)
6 Electrical Mirror
7 I Managers Journal on Electrical Engineering.
8 Journals on Circuits & Systems
9 Journal on Power systems Engineering
International Journals
1 International Journal of  Electrical Power System & Energy Convention
2 International Journal of  Power Engineering

Instrumentation Engg.

SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 IOEI: Series B (EC, TC, Ele.)
2 Voice & Data
3 Journal of the Instrument SOC of India
4 Journal of Instrumentation Tech & Innov
 International Journal
1 International Journal of  Electrical System & Control
2 International  Journal of  Semiconductor  Science & technology


SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 Electronics Bazar ( Frmly: E Power)
2 Indian Journal of Electronics Engineering
3 Journal on Electronics Engineering
4 Journal on Communication Engineering System
5 I Managers Journals on Wireless Communication Network
6 Electronics Today
International Journals
1 International Journal of VLSI Design & Communication Tech.


SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 Advances in Wireless & Mobile Communications
2 Indian Journal of  Radio & Space Physics
3 Broadcast & Cable Satellite
4 Cable Quest
5 Satellite & Cable TV
6 Telecom Live

Medical Electronics

SL. No. International Journals
1 International journal of  Biomedical Engineering & Cons Health Information
2 International journal of  Biomedical Signal Process


SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 Journal of Analysis and computation
2 Indian Journal of Information science and Technology
3 Journal of computer science and Applications
4 Journal of Software Engineering
5 Journal of Neural computing systems
6 I Managers Journal on Computer Science
7 I Managers Journal on Cloud Computing
8 Developer IQ
 International Journals
1 International journal of Web Applications
2 International Journal of Computational Linguistics


SL. No. International Journals
1 International Journal of  Nano Technology & Applications


SL. No. International Journal
1 International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences
2 International Journal of

MBA National Journals

SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 Vikalpa
2 Journal of  Human values
3 Arthashastra: Indian Journal of  Economics Research
4 Journal of  Health Management
5 IIMB Management Review
6 Journal of Banking, Information Technology & Management.
7 Journal of  Management & Entrepreneurship
8 Journal of  Marketing & Communication
9 Finance India
10 Journal of  Accounting & Finance
11 Management Accounting
12 Indian Management
13 Indian Journal of  Marketing
14 Indian Journal of  Finance
15 Prabandhan: Indian Journal of  Management
16 Banking Finance
17 Management prudence Journal
18 IIM Kozhikode SOC & Management Review
19 Jindal Journal of  Business Research
20 Review of Market Integration
21 Charted Accountant
22 Financial planning Journal
23 Bank Quest/ IIB Vision
24 Capital Market
25 Business Manager

MBA International Journal

SL. No. Name of the International Journal
1 South Asian Journal of Business Management cases
2 Asian Journal of  Management Cases
3 South Asia Economic Journal
4 International Journal of  Business Management  Eco & I

MCA National Journals

SL. No. Name of the National Journals
1 CSI Communications
2 Journal of  Computer Science
3 Computer Active
4 Data Quest
5 PC Quest
6 Open source for you ( Linux for you)
7 IUP Journal of Computer Sciences
8 Oriental Journal of Computer science & Technology
9 Express Computer
10 ICFAI (IUP) Journal of Soft skills

MCA International Journal

SL. No. Name of the International Journal
1 International Journal of System & Software Engineer
2 International Journal of  Knowledge & Based Computer System

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